About Us

We actively recruit and place engineering managers, plant & design supervisors and technical support staff. We take pride in our uniqueness, dedication and commitment to traveling a path separate from our competitors. For years, The Carnegie Resources has effectively offered solutions in locating and screening professionals to the following industries on a consistent basis.

  • Aircraft & Aerospace
  • Architectural & Construction Engineering
  • Automotive & Transportation Industry - design and manufacturing
  • Bilingual Services in Both Official Languages French & English
  • Customer and Product support specialists
  • Electronics Research, design and manufacturing
  • Electrical and Power Industry
  • Food Processing industry
  • Forest products industry - Paper, Pulp and wood
  • High-Speed Manufacturing
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Hospital Management services
  • Mechanical & Machine Design
  • Process Engineering
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  • Robotics Industry
  • Sales Positions
  • Warehouse and Logistics management
  • Product Design and Product Development
  • Assembly Manufacturing

We cater to a wide variety of multi and inter-disciplinary engineering fields.

At Carnegie Resources, we realize that there is more to a successful placement than technical ability and educational qualifications. At Carnegie Resources our staffing professionals have over fifty years of engineering and design experience in the field. Our staff are well-trained and knowledgeable in their ability to match the right applicant to the opportunity.

Carnegie Resources sets itself apart from other placement agencies by being able to deliver highly skilled and qualified personnel with extensive experience to fill a wide variety of positions in all technical fields.